quran-header-201517 Verses is based on a very simple premise – a daily recitation of the Qur’an in spoken English. I want to enable busy Muslims (or non-Muslims) to be exposed to the Qur’an each day, delivered to their phones/iPads/etc.

Some days, the selection will be random. On certain days, there may be a theme. For instance, during Ramadan, selections about fasting and sacrifice and willpower. On Isra & Miraj, something about that journey. On Mother’s Day (though not limited only to Mother’s Day), something related to women in Islam.

I listen to a lot of diff podcasts during my commute, at the gym, or when I’m doing chores. Like many, I also spend a lot of time reading emails and consuming different online content.

17-Verses LogoWhy “17 Verses”?

If one averages just around 17 ayahs per day, you can get through the entire Qur’an in about a year. The Qur’an can definitely feel intimidating but if it’s taken in small pieces, it needn’t be so.

With that framework, each episode of the podcast will be around 4-5 minutes long. You can probably read ~17 verses in the same amount of time.

Why Me?

Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Maher Hoque. I’m a Bangladeshi-American Muslim (not always in that order) living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was taught that we’re supposed to read and think about the Qur’an for ourselves.

Occasionally, I might try to cite some context but I won’t claim any authoritative opinion or insert any jurisprudence. It’s just the Word. I ain’t the one trying to be wise – that’s in the Qur’an itself.

Personally, I’m a very irreverent guy and there are few things I can stand more than cloying piety. You won’t get that from this endeavor. Listen to the podcast or read the daily excerpts and make up your own mind.

Please let me know your thoughts, criticisms, opinions by going to the Contact Form.