Jul 192017

As-salaam wa-alaikum, brothers and sisters.


Today’s 17 Verses episode is from Surah 20, Tâ-Hâ, Verses 25-54. These verses tell the story of Prophet Moses’ prayer to God to open his heart and remove his speech impediment so that he could communicate with the people and then of Moses and Pharaoh’s confrontation.

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Bis-millahi ar-rahman, ar-raheem.
In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

Moses prayed: “O my Lord! Open my heart,[25] ease my task[26] and remove the impediment from my speech[27] so that people may understand what I say[28] and grant me a minister from my family;[29] Aaron, my brother.[30] Grant me strength through him[31] and let him share my task,[32] so that we may glorify You frequently[33] and mention You often;[34] for You are the One Who has always been watching over us.”[35] God responded: “Your request is granted, O Moses.[36] We had indeed bestowed a favor on you before,[37] when We inspired your mother saying:[38] ‘Put your child into the chest (basket) and throw the chest into the river. The river will cast him on to the bank and he will be picked up by one who is an enemy to Me and an enemy to him.’ I made you an object of love and so arranged things that you may be brought up under My eye (observation and care).[39] Recall when your sister went to them and said: ‘May I tell you of the one who can take care of this child?’ Thus did We return you back to your mother to comfort her eyes and that she might not grieve. Again when you killed a man, We saved you from great distress and We tested you through various trials. You stayed a number of years with the people of Madyan. Now you have come here per Our pre-ordainment, O Moses.[40] I have chosen you for My message.[41] 20:[25-41]


You and your brother should go with My Signs and do not neglect to mention Me.[42] Go both of you to Pharaoh (Fir‘aun), for he has indeed transgressed all bounds.[43] Speak to him in gentle words; perhaps he may take heed of the reminder or fear Our punishment.”[44] Moses and Aaron said: “Our Lord! We fear that he may hasten to punish us or may cross all bounds.”[45] Allah said: “Do not be afraid, I shall be with you both. I hear everything and see everything.[46] So go to him and say ‘Surely, we both are Messengers of your Lord. Let the Children of Israel go with us and oppress them no more. We have brought you a Sign from your Lord; may peace be upon him who follows the guidance.[47] Indeed it has been revealed to us that the scourge will fall on those who deny this fact and turn away’.”[48] 20:[42-48]

When Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and delivered this message, he said: “Well, who is your Lord, O Moses?”[49] Moses replied: “Our Lord is He Who has given a distinctive form to all creatures and then rightly guided them.”[50] Pharaoh asked: “What do you say about the condition of previous generations?”[51] Moses replied: “That knowledge is with my Lord, duly recorded in a Book. He neither makes a mistake nor does He forget.”[52] He is the One Who has made the earth a cradle for you, traced the roads on it for you to walk on; and sends down water from the sky with which We produce pairs of various kinds of vegetation[53] – eat from these yourselves and pasture your cattle. Surely, there are Signs in it for the people of understanding.[54] 20:[49-54]


This concludes today’s episode of the 17 Verses Podcast. I hope that this selection has helped increase your understanding of the holy Qur’an just a little bit.

Thank you and be well.