Aug 062017

As-salaam wa-alaikum, brothers and sisters.


Today’s selection is from Surah 5, Al-Mâ‘idah or the Repast, verses 1-19. The selection discuss foods which are allowed and forbidden. It lays down guidelines for wudu (ablution prior to prayer) as well as the obligations of fasting and charity. There is a discussion regarding the Christians and Jews, how the Qur’an claims they have strayed from the path and verses originally brought to them. The Qur’an claims that there are no special children of Allah, as is claimed by both groups, given that such groups have from time to time been punished by God. Lastly, Christians and Jews are invited to hear the word of Islam.

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Bis-millahi ar-rahman, ar-raheem.
In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

O believers! Fulfill your obligations. All four-legged animals from livestock are lawful to you other than those which are hereby announced. However do not violate the prohibition of hunting while you are in Ihrâm (Hajj dress). Surely, Allah orders whatever He pleases.[1] O believers! Do not violate the sanctity of the Symbols of Allah: the Sacred Month, the animals brought for sacrifice, the garlands that mark such animals, and people visiting the Sacred House (Ka’bah) to seek the grace and good pleasure of their Rabb. When you put off your Ihrâm (pilgrim garments) then you are allowed to hunt. Let not the hatred of some people – who once hindered you from Al-Masjid-alHarâm – incite you to commit transgression. Cooperate with one another in righteousness and piety, and do not cooperate in sin and transgression. Have fear of Allah. Allah is stern in punishment.[2] 5:[1-2]

You are forbidden to eat the meat of any animal that dies by itself (dead body), blood, the flesh of swine (pig meat) and that on which any name other than Allah’s has been invoked; also that which is strangled to death , killed by a violent blow, killed by a headlong fall and of those beaten or gored to death; and that which has been partly eaten by a wild animal unless you are able to slaughter it before its death; and that which is sacrificed on altars; and forbidden also is to seek luck or decision by raffling of arrows. All these are sinful acts. Today, the unbelievers have given up all their hope of vanquishing your religion. Have no fear of them, fear Me. Today I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you and approved Al-Islam as a Deen (way of life for you). Anyone who is compelled by hunger to eat what is forbidden, not intending to commit sin, will find Allah Forgiving, Merciful.[3] 5:[3]

quran-header-2015They ask you what food is lawful for them, say: All good and clean things are lawful for you, as well as what you have taught your hunting birds and beasts to catch, trained by you with the knowledge given to you by Allah. Eat what they catch and hold for you, however, pronounce the name of Allah over it. Have fear of Allah. Allah is swift in settling the accounts.[4] Today all good clean things have been made lawful for you; and the food of the People of the Book is also made lawful for you and your food is made lawful for them. Likewise, marriage with chaste free believing women and also chaste women among the People who were given the Book before you is made lawful for you, provided that you give them their dowries and desire chastity, neither committing fornication nor taking them as mistresses. Anyone who commits Kufr with Imân (rejects faith), all his good deeds will become void (zero) and in the hereafter, he will be among the losers.[5] 5:[4-5]

O believers! When you rise up for Salah (prayer), wash your faces and your hands as far as the elbows, wipe your heads with wet hands and wash your feet to the ankles. If you had an emission of semen, then take a full bath. However, if you are sick or on a journey or you have used the toilet or you had intercourse with your women (your wives) and you do not find any water then resort to Tayammum – find clean soil and rub your faces and hands with it. Allah does not wish to burden you; He only wishes to purify you and to perfect His favor upon you, so that you may be thankful.[6] 5:[6]

Remember Allah’s favor to you and the covenant which He ratified with you when you said: “We hear and we obey.” Have fear of Allah; surely, Allah knows the secrets of your hearts.[7] O believers! Be steadfast for the sake of Allah and bear true witness and let not the enmity of a people incite you to do injustice; do justice; that is nearer to piety. Fear Allah, surely, Allah is fully aware of all your actions.[8] Allah has promised those who believe and do good deeds that for them there is forgiveness and mighty reward.[9] As for those who reject faith and deny Our revelations, they will be the companions of hell-fire.[10] O believers! Also remember Allah’s favor which He recently bestowed upon you when He restrained the hands of those who sought to harm you (Jewish plan to kill the Prophet and eminent companions through an invitation to a dinner which Allah informed him not to attend). Have fear of Allah; and in Allah let the believers put their trust.[11] 5:[7-11]

Allah did in fact make a covenant with the Children of Israel and appointed twelve chieftains from among them and said: “I am with you; if you establish Salat (prayers), pay Zakat (charity), believe in My Messengers, support them and give a generous loan to Allah (spend in charity), I will certainly forgive you your sins and admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow. However, if any one of you violates this covenant, after this, he will indeed go astray from the Right Way.”[12] Even after that, they broke their covenant; as a result, We laid on them Our curse and hardened their hearts. They tampered with words out of their context and neglected a part of what they were enjoined. You will always find most of them deceitful except for a few of them. Yet, forgive them and overlook their misdeeds. Allah loves those who are kind to others.[13] 5:[12-13]

Likewise, We also made a covenant with those who call themselves Christians, but they too have neglected a part of what they were enjoined. As a result, We stirred among them enmity and hatred, which will last till the Day of Resurrection and soon Allah will inform them of what they used to do.[14] O people of the Book (Jews and Christians)! Now Our Messenger has come to you to reveal much of what you have concealed from the Holy Book and to pass over much which is no longer necessary. There has come to you from Allah a new Light and a clear Book,[15] with which Allah will guide to the ways of peace all those who seek His good pleasure and bring them out of the depth of darkness into the light by His leave and guide them to the Right Way.[16] 5:[14-16]

Indeed, those have committed Kufr (rejected faith) who said, “God is the Messiah, son of Mary (Maryam).” O Muhammad, ask them, “Who has the power to prevent Allah if He chose to destroy the Messiah, the son of Mary, his mother and all that is in the earth? To Allah belongs the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He creates what He pleases and has power over everything.”[17] 5:[17]

The Jews and the Christians say: “We are the children of Allah and His beloved ones.” Ask them, “Why then does He punish you for your sins? Nay!In fact, you are human beings like others whom He has created. He forgives whom He pleases and He punishes whom He wills. To Allah belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, and to Him is the final refuge.”[18] O people of the Book! Indeed Our Messenger has now come to you making clear to you the teaching of the Right Way, after a long break in the series of the Messengers, so that you may not be able to say, “No one has come to give us good news or to warn us.” Now someone has come to give you good news and warn you so listen to him. Allah has power over everything.[19] 5:[18-19]


This concludes today’s episode of the 17 Verses Podcast. I hope that this selection has helped increase your understanding of the holy Qur’an just a little bit.

Thank you and be well.