Nov 062017

As-salaam wa-alaikum, brothers and sisters.


Today’s selection is from Surah 2, Al-Baqarah or the Cow, verses 113-121. These verses cover a number of short topics in rapid succession: the religious prejudice of the Jews & Christians, an order not to prevent people from coming to Mosque, Allah having a son, the Qur’an as the knowledge of truth and how the Jews & Christians will never be pleased with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Muslims.

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Bis-millahi ar-rahman, ar-raheem.
In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

The Jews say: “The Christians are not on the right track,” and the Christians say: “It is the Jews who are not on the right track,” yet both read their Holy Books (Torah or Gospel). And those who have no knowledge (the pagan Arabs) say like to what both of them say; so Allah will judge between them in their dispute on the Day of Judgment.[113] 2:[113]

Who is more unjust than the one who prevents people from the Masjid (place of worship) of Allah , forbids the mention of His name therein, and strives to ruin them ? It is not proper for such people to enter in them except with His fear. For them there is disgrace in this world and grievous punishment in the Hereafter.[114] 2:[114]

To Allah belong the East and the West; whichever direction you turn your face there is the presence of Allah. Surely Allah is All-Embracing and All-Knowing.[115] 2:[115]

They say: “Allah has taken to Himself a son;” Allah is above such things! Rather, to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth; all are obedient to Him.* He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth! When He decrees a thing, He needs only to say, “Be,” and there it becomes.[116] 2:[116-117]

Those who have no knowledge ask: “Why does Allah not speak to us face to face or send us a sign ?” The same demand was made by those before them: they all have the same mentality. We have already shown clear signs to those whose faith is firm.[118] What clearer sign could there be than this Book? We have sent you (O Muhammad) with the knowledge of the Truth and made you the bearer of good news and warning; now, you will not be called upon to answer about the actions of the companions of the blazing fire.[119] 2:[118-119]

The Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you, until you follow their faith. O Muhammad, tell them : “Allah’s guidance is the only guidance;” and if after all the knowledge you have received, you yield to their desires, there shall be none to protect you or help you from the wrath of Allah.[120] Those to whom We have given the book and who read it as it ought to be read, they are the ones who believe in it; as for those who reject it, they are for sure the losers.[121] 2:[120-121]


This concludes today’s episode of the 17 Verses Podcast. I hope that this selection has helped increase your understanding of the holy Qur’an just a little bit.

Thank you and be well.