Jul 172017

As-salaam wa-alaikum, brothers and sisters.


Today’s selection is from Surah 8, Al-Anfâl or the Spoils of War, verses 20-37. These verses assert the importance of common sense in determining one’s faith – those do not use their common sense will not see Allah. It counsels the believers to guard themselves against temptation and be God-fearing in order to be granted the wisdom to judge between right and wrong. Lastly, the lawful guardians of the Ka’bah are those who fear God.

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Bismillahi ar-rahman, ar-raheem.
In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

O believers! Obey Allah and his Messenger and do not turn your back to him, now that you have heard all.[20] Do not be like those who say: “We hear,” but give no heed to what they hear.[21] For the worst animals in the sight of Allah are those deaf and dumb people who do not use common sense.[22] Had Allah perceived any virtue in them He would have indeed endowed them with hearing. Had he made them (those without virtue) hear, they would have turned away and refused to listen.[23] O believers! Respond to the call of Allah and His Messenger, when He calls you to that which gives you life; and know that Allah stands between man and his heart, and that it is He in Whose presence you shall all be assembled.[24] Guard yourselves against temptation. The wrongdoers among you are not the only ones who will be tempted; and know that Allah is strict in retribution.[25] Call to mind how He gave you shelter when you were a few in number and were oppressed in the land, ever fearing lest the enemy would kidnap you. He made you strong with His help and provided you a safe asylum and gave you pure things for sustenance so that you may give thanks.[26] O believers! Do not betray the trust of Allah and His Messenger, nor violate your trusts knowingly.[27] You should know that your wealth and your children are, in fact, a test for you, and that Allah is He with Whom is your mighty reward.[28] 8:[20-28]

O believers! If you fear Allah He will grant you a criterion (to judge between right and wrong), do away with your sins and forgive you. Allah is the Lord of Mighty Grace.[29] Remember, how the unbelievers plotted against you. They sought to take you captive or kill you or exile you. They planned – and Allah also planned – Allah is the best planner of all.[30] Whenever Our revelations are recited to them they say: “Well, we have heard this. If we wanted we could fabricate the like. These are nothing but the tales of the ancients.”[31] Also remember how they said: “O Allah! If this is indeed the truth from You, then rain down stones on us from the sky or inflict some dreadful scourge to punish us.”[32] But Allah would not punish them while you were present in their midst. Nor does Allah punish people while they are asking His forgiveness.[33] But now there is no reason why Allah should not punish them when they are blocking others from the Masjid-al-Harãm (Ka’bah), whereas they are not its lawful guardians. In fact, its only guardians are those who fear Allah, even though most of them do not understand.[34] Their prayer at the House of Allah is nothing but whistling and clapping of hands: whose only answer can be, “Taste the punishment because of your denying the truth.”[35] Surely the unbelievers spend their wealth in blocking the way of Allah and so will they continue to spend; but in the end these very efforts will become the cause of their regrets; at length they will be defeated, and in the hereafter these unbelievers will be gathered together and driven to hell,[36] in order that Allah may separate the filthy from the pure. He will heap the filthy one upon another, altogether, and then cast them into hell. They are the ones who will be the losers.[37] 8:[29-37]


This concludes today’s episode of the 17 Verses podcast. I hope that this podcast has helped increase your understanding of the holy Qur’an a little bit.

Thank you and be well.