Mar 072018

As-salaam wa-alaikum, brothers and sisters.


Today’s selection consists of three very short Surahs.

The first is Surah 97, Al-Qadr or the Night of Power or Honour. This Surah deals with Laylatul Qadr, one of the most important nights in the Muslim calendar.

The second is Surah 98 – Al-Bayyinah or the Clear Evidence. This Surah is about how the People of the Book were united until they received the guidance of Allah as well as the commandment to establish prayers and pay charity.

The third is Surah 99 – Al-Zalzalah or the Earthquake. This short Surah reports on how an earthquake (metaphorically speaking) will herald the Day of Judgment and on that day, men will be shown the record of their acts.

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